Wolf Fenrir

Fenrir is a most fearsome wolf in Nordic mythology. The Gods attempted to tether him twice by sheer force and twice he broke free. With the third attempt tricky was applied to lure him into chains, a suspicious Fenrir would only accept on one condition.

Only Tyr was brave enough to put his hand into the savage jaws, knowing the inevitable loss.  The ruse failed and Tyre lost his hand in the ensuing struggle and eventually a raging and foaming Fenrir broke free. He even killed Odin before finally being put to death by one of his avenging sons.

MEDIUM: 300 micron Grey Card, PVA, Polyurethane Resin Coat.
DIMENSIONS: H 1013 mm / W 828 mm / D 1004 mm
DATE: 05/08/2015
ARTISTS: Paul & Mark Cummings