Ram Colours

There were a number of Gods of ancient Egypt associated with the ram, either having ram heads, or sometimes simply ram horns.

In particular Re as a ram headed deity surmounted by a sun disk, and Harmakhet, a variant of Horus, who was the God of the dawn and of the morning sun, who was depicted in the form of a sphinx or a sphinx with the head of a ram.

The spring equinox is a period of time when the hours of day equal the hours of night. Religious rituals are celebrated on sunrise of this day with the anticipation of the triumph of increasing days of light that are heralded by the month of Aries the Ram wherein the Sun is exalted.

MEDIUM Polyurethane Resin,Polyurethane Pigment
DIMENSIONS: H 314 MM / W 350 MM / D 284
DATE: 21/06/2015
ARTISTS: Paul & Mark Cummings