Oculus Magi 

Oculus Magi is open to interpretation, these are some thoughts on this film. It is a poetic allegory and it’s meaning is hidden in symbolic and abstract form.
The film starts with nature and humanity and the relationship between these two ideas is a moral conflict through a prism. A backdrop of larger celestial occurrences is also part of the vistas. Where transits and conjunctions indicate a moment of higher purpose. Redemption is sought through contemplating abstracted ideals. The word Oculus also means a round window or imagery on a vaulted ceiling, metaphorically it is a window into ones self. The music and video was produced by the Cummings twins. The Gongs were performed live by them and recorded.

The Cummings twins often perform with the Gongs within two practices. One aspect is a pure art performance piece that involves video work and electronic audio improvisation as well as with live instatement’s. The second aspect is as equally important and is a healing meditation and a magical right. Both these practices come under the name of the ‘Mystery School of Sound’ and these performance practices are based on the Ancient texts called Kybalion. This is a treaty from hermetic knowledge

Mark & Paul Cummings, Luke Burnsright, Antonio Velez